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Storytelling in nursery class is a creative expression of the imagination that requires words and interactions by creating variety in tone to create exciting and interesting stories for nursery class. In the following article, you will get acquainted with storytelling for pre-nursery in our British nursery in Dubai. You will also learn about the benefits of storytelling for your children.

What is storytelling in early childhood?

Our good storyteller will allow your children to imagine and stimulate their sense of storytelling.  Our stories for nursery class in English can take many forms, including puppet shows, music, comedy, and poetry. In addition to entertaining your child, storytelling for nursery class will have numerous benefits to his or her behaviour and future. A nursery story written/read in English will have a lasting effect on his or her personality development.


The first positive effect of art activities for 3-4-year-olds is that they increase kids’ creativity. Through art, children can better express their emotions and thoughts.

Art provides a natural and safe way for children to express themselves, where they can play, create and experiment in various ways, in which they can share with others.

Improve academic performance in our nursery in Jumeirah

Art not only enhances children’s creativity but also strengthens their skills, which results in improved school performance.

Motor skills

Simple tasks such as holding a brush or drawing with a crayon play an important role in the development of children’s fine motor skills. During their art lessons, their fine motor skills are strengthened, which in turn helps to make learning to write easier.


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