Sensory and messy activities in our nursery

Your beloved children begin to perceive their surroundings from the very beginning of infancy through the five senses. Do you remember that your baby puts everything in their mouth? This process continues into adulthood, but at our nursery our multiple sensory and messy activities help your child to use these senses well.  They are welcome at our nursery in Dubai to use all of their five senses with pleasure, while they are safe and learn with interest.

Why messy sensory play is important?

Through sensory and messy activities, your children use all five senses to get to know the world around them and what they are doing. Sensory games are instinctive for your children and even infants.  These types of sensory/messy activities refer to any game that requires seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, or tasting. There are many benefits to Sensory and messy activities including:

  • Encouraging the child to explore and discover, allowing the child to know and perceive the world around them through their senses.
  • Making neural connections in the brain
  • Developing verbal skills
  • Learning problem-solving skills
  • Games and fun for your child

Sensory and messy play ideas

Sensory games to stimulate children’s five senses in our nursery in Jumeirah:



We have designed different activities for your child to explain the sense of taste. Your children can cook freely in the nursery and cook whatever they like. All equipment is safe and your child is allowed to get messy and enjoy the experience. They can make crafts or draw with food such as pasta. Our nurses take good care of your children to experience sensory and messy activities in complete safety.


Playing with sand

If your child likes to play with sand and gravel on the beach, we have sand for them to explore with harmless materials that provide them with the pleasure of playing with sand at our nursery in Dubai.


Play with animals

To teach the children about animals, we explore and discuss all about animals with the children at our nursery. In our Indoor Forest, the children are encouraged to play with our Tortoise and can look at our lovely birds in their cage. We encourage the children to feed to Tortoise to help them to understand the importance of caring for animals.


Sowing seeds

We do a variety of planting activities at our nursery. Your children can watch their plants grow in the nursery and have opportunities to explore/play with soil in the garden.


Play with water

Children are very interested in playing with water. We have considered suitable places and toys for your children to explore with water. Your children will also begin to understand the meaning of hot and cold with special tactile games. We have many messy play ideas for your children.



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