Mahnaz Vatanparvar the founder of dreamers nursery

The story of The Little Dreamers Nursery begins with Ms. Mahnaz Vatanparvar. She was a mom and a student working on her Masters degree at the same time.

When Ms. Mahnaz was looking for a nursery for her son Adil, she couldn’t find one that felt like a warm and safe place for him to learn while she studied. So, she decided to start her own nursery.

Ms. Mahnaz wanted all the little learners at her nursery to feel like they could achieve their dreams at their own pace. She believed that they could become anything they wanted when they grew up.

We’re thankful to Ms. Mahnaz for creating The Little Dreamers Nursery. We’re still growing, and we’re taking care of our “Little Dreamers” with the help of our amazing staff.

Labour Of Love

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