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Our story begins with the journey of a devoted mother and diligent postgraduate student, Mahnaz Vatanparvar. As she sought the perfect nursery for her young son, Adil, she envisioned a sanctuary; a place where children could not only learn but flourish in a nurturing, warm, and secure environment. When her search didn’t reveal such a haven, Mahnaz was inspired to create her own: The Little Dreamers Nursery.

Driven by her personal experiences, Mahnaz aimed for the nursery to be a place where every child felt empowered to chase their dreams at their unique pace. She believed that with the right foundation, these ‘Little Dreamers’ could aspire to anything their hearts desired.

Today, The Little Dreamers Nursery thrives, standing as a testament to Mahnaz’s vision and dedication. As we nurture and inspire each generation of dreamers, we continue to be guided by the principles upon which our nursery was founded, and we are ever thankful for the path Mahnaz paved for the future of every child in our care.

Labour Of Love

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