Little chefs can cook in our British Nursery in Dubai

Your beloved children can cook in our nursery in Dubai. You no longer have to mess up your kitchen or teach your child to cook. Leave these Little chefs to us. Cooking nursery activities promote mental development and creativity and increase children’s sensory and motor abilities.


Nursery cooking program for your Little chefs

Children between the ages of 5 and 10 are very interested in cooking and parents should help their children at this time so that they can enjoy it. Due to parents not having enough information about life skills activities for a nursery, our kindergarten, as the best nursery in Dubai, has prepared cooking activities so that these Little chefs can learn life skills by playing. According to psychologists, cooking with children develops a variety of skills and helps children grow and excel in various fields.

The benefit of cooking nursery activities

  • If the child prepares the food themselves, their desire to eat will increase.
  • Making food and mixing food and finding changes in food will make children familiar with chemistry.
  • Making food with high nutritional foods will help children realize that food is healthy and unhealthy.
  • In cooking, children become familiar with proportions. For example, children find that if the cake ingredients are doubled, the cake will be bigger.
  • It increases children’s social abilities and life skills in a nursery, such as responsibility, problem solving and teamwork.
  • Cooking increases the five senses in children and strengthens their power.


How do we teach your Little chefs?


We don’t give children hard and tedious work because it will make them bored.

We get help from children at every stage of preparing food.

We let children create food with their own creativity, even removing some food and adding new ingredients ‌.

We do not blame the children for getting dirty in the kitchen area, we clean the dirty area afterwards with jokes and laughter so that the child feels safe to experiment and give 100% effort. We approve and encourage them to prepare food.

Before and during cooking in our nursery in Jumeirah, we give instructions to the child to prepare food and only give prompts throughout the process, due to overexcitement and enthusiasm the child may forget the instructions but we still promote independence.

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