The Little Dreamers Nursery Facilities

Our nursery in Dubai provides the best facilities for your children so that your child can play in a safe environment and learn by playing. One of the most important concerns that parents have when choosing the best nursery is the nursery school facility. Your children in this golden age need the best education and attention to develop their talents. In the following, we will introduce some of our Nursery Facilities to you.

  1. Two indoor play areas designed for different age groups
  2. Indoor forest room encouraging children’ sensory exploration and curiosity
  3. Library provide children uncounted opportunities to grow their imagination and understand the world
  4. Art room fosters children creativity and mark making skills
  5. Biking track helps children gross motor skills
  6. Construction area helps independent learning and problem solving
  7. Mark making area which develops fine motor skills in children
  8. Sensory play area involves mindful activities which are beneficial for all children
  9. Outdoor garden helps children physical development
  10. Clinic with DHA registered nurse

Indoor forest room

Children have a great imagination and enjoy being in places like the forest. We have designed this room in such a way that children look for animals or insects and experience an adventure. This increases their accuracy in the environment.

Outdoor garden

One of the benefits of outdoor play is that it encourages your young children to develop their bodies and mind. Outdoor play involves all your children’s senses and in this way, your child stays both physically and mentally healthier. The outdoor garden is one of our Nursery Facilities that is carefully designed to cover all the needs of your child. Outdoor garden in our nursery in Jumeirah will not only improve their mood but also increase the level of physical fitness and the ability of their immune system. In addition to indoor space, your kids are able to play outdoors.

Two indoor play areas

To be the best Nursery Facilities in Dubai We have designed the building in the best way. Every child has a play space suitable for their age, which is very attractive and designed to meet their childish needs.


Children’s libraries play a major role in children’s interest in reading and reading books and establishing information retrieval skills in children and adolescents. Our building, equipment and books of the children are also tailored to the characteristics of the children and encourage them to attend them in the library environment.

Art room

We have skilled nursing facility rooms for teaching art.  Apart from basic movements, your children must also learn elegant skills well in order to prepare for school. Skills that require more precision and increase their focus. Art is one form of training that helps to increase the delicacy and accuracy of children. On the other hand, it increases the creativity of children. We have skilled nursing facility rooms for teaching art. Our Art room Nursery Facilities allow your child to develop these abilities very well.

Biking track

We have a Biking track for your children. Outdoor cycling in the nursery is a great way to improve your children’s physical and mental health. When your children are cycling, their physical activity increases. Even their energy and endurance are strengthened during the day. Apart from discussing the safety of the environment, children at this age are very curious and the environment can be a very important stimulus in their education and development. We have made Nursery Facilities completely secure in this regard.

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Construction area

Problem-solving is an important skill in every person’s life and should be developed from the beginning of childhood. Learning to solve problems in childhood builds independence, followed by self-confidence. The construction area helps your child learn these skills well.

Mark making area

Children love to write and draw, and it is important for them to have the opportunity to do so. They are especially interested in painting on walls and furniture. They are not allowed to write or draw on the wall at home. We have created a good opportunity for children to easily draw and show their creativity without fear. The Nursery Facilities for drawing and writing are very diverse.

Sensory play area

We have provided a place for your children to make good use of their five senses to feel the world in a better way. They can cook, plant seeds, feed birds and learn everything through play.

Clinic with DHA registered nurse

One of the best Nursery Facilities in Dubai is reputable clinics and nurses. There is no longer any need to worry about your baby’s health in daycare. We take care of your children and check their physical health regularly. On the other hand, if unexpected things happen, such as suffocation or injury, our nurses are there to take care of your child very quickly.

It’s that time, your baby is growing up fast and you are starting to search for a nursery.
But wait……. what do you look for when choosing a nursery for your child? With so many options to choose from you may wonder which nursery environment is best for them and I am here to help you make that decision. A high quality nursery environment is a must for early brain development, the way that it is organised and set up is a huge factor to consider.

Walking into a nursery five years ago you will probably have been met by a stream of visual noise; bright furniture, colourful displays, artwork, signs and lots of plastic toys. However, over time, nurseries are moving away from this approach and are adopting a calmer and natural set up, keep reading to find out why…

Communication Friendly Spaces

A Communication Friendly Environment is a space that encourages and promotes good communication in children. It focuses on using the classroom environment to support speaking and listening skills, emotional well-being, physical development and general engagement. Colour is one of the most noticeable attributes to the world around us and research now suggests that a busy nursery setting that is saturated in colour, noise and movement can be overstimulating and overwhelming for children. When a child is overstimulated they will not learn to their full potential and their behaviour will be impacted, this is especially prevalent in children will special educational needs.

On the other hand, a well-organised, thoughtful and calm environment can have the opposite effect. Neutral, calm colours can play a role in a more relaxed emotional state, increased productivity and enhanced communication and learning.

Here are some points to consider when choosing a nursery for your child;

  • Look for settings that use accent lighting instead of fluorescent lighting and rooms that include as much natural light as possible. This type of lighting is calming to a child as they enter the room and is especially important for children with special educational needs.
  • Look for a setting that uses calmer colours such as whites, greys, blues and greens (these are linked with relaxation and happiness), opposed to louder colours such as reds, yellow and orange.
  • Nature is a way of adding beauty and creates a sense of calm and creativity. You may want to consider a nursery that uses real plants or other natural resources for children to explore, such as; pinecones, stones or leaves. These natural wonders pose as really great open-ended resources for children to play with.
  • You want your child to feel comfortable so look for a cosy environment that includes soft furnishings, purposeful art work, plants and other objects and materials.
  • Try a setting that adopts a minimalistic approach when choosing toys and resources. And teaches children about the importance of sharing by providing the opportunity to practice turn-taking.
  • There is no right or wrong when it comes to toys and resources, you may want to choose a setting that includes some open-ended toys. For example, instead of plastic people in a dolls house, they may have wooden dolly pegs. These are the same shape as a person but is limited only to the child’s imagination, basically it can be anything your child wants it to be! This is much more beneficial for a child’s cognitive development.

Remember- each setting is unique and adopts its own approach. Take time to speak with staff members to fully understand their approach to learning. It is not about choosing a nursery that has removed all colour, its more about the amount of visual noise apparent in a setting. Bright colours don’t need to be completely avoided, they can certainly still be used such as part of displays, artwork, toys and other resources, after all we don’t need things to look completely dull and bare.

At the Little Dreamers Nursery, we adopt a calm and minimalistic approach to learning and development, and it really shows in our students. Visit our website to find out more or feel free to pop over for a visit. Our open door policy enables perspective parents to visit at any time during opening hours.

Enabling Environments 

We have created a warm, home away from home environment for our children here at The Little Dreamers. This helps the children to feel as though they are in a familiar environment and in turn this makes them feel secure, happy and relaxed. This enables the children to learn and explore to their full potential.

Here at The Little Dreamers, we follow The Curiosity Approach. This is an approach where we put children at the centre of their own development and education. We have carefully chosen numerous open-ended, authentic resources for our children to explore that are in line with The Curiosity Approach. We provide natural wooden resources for the children to explore and we also set up environments/activities that reflect real life experiences.

Each classroom has a ‘Home Corner’ area for the children to explore. This includes a complete kitchen set (a fridge, a cooker, cooking utensils, bowls and cutlery). We encourage the children to pretend to cook meals and to sit down and share meals together or to share a cup of tea with one another, just like they see adults doing so in their day-to-day lives.

The children also really our other role-play activities that we provide such as ‘camping’ in our Indoor Forest area. Here we encourage the children to explore the room and to also join all together to share a story in our tree house!

We provide the children with other real life experience activities such as our Little Chef’s Day. The teachers provide the children with ingredients and cooking utensils so that they can bake together. The teachers demonstrate to the children what to do for each step of the recipe and encourage the children to independently give this a try (such as mixing ingredients together or kneading dough with their hands).

We set out loose parts for the children to explore as they wish on a daily basis such as pine cones, flowers/leaves, seashells and stones. All of these resources create fantastic opportunities for the children which spark intrigue, play and curiosity. We also set up a tuff tray display in each class every day for the children to explore. These are full of resources that are linked to our topic and are in line with The Curiosity Approach. We believe that children benefit from this type of environment and classroom set up greatly in comparison to very structured every day learning, such as sitting down at a desk with work sheets every day.

We have some amazing areas around the nursery that the children are given opportunities to explore each week, such as:

– Indoor play area
– The Little Prince’s Room
– Library
– Art Room
– Indoor Forest (where we also have a Tortoise and birds!)
– Outdoor bike track
– Outdoor construction area
– Outdoor artists area
– Outdoor water play area 

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