Sensory and messy activities
Yoga and fitness british curriculum
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Sensory and messy activities

Your beloved children begin to perceive their surroundings from the very beginning of infancy through the five senses. Do you remember that your baby puts everything in his mouth? This process continues into adulthood, but our nursery with Sensory and messy activities helps your child to use these senses well.  They are free in our nursery in Dubai to use all their five senses with pleasure

Arabic and French language

Due to Dubai being such a multi-cultural city, most parents are usually interested in their children learning additional languages from childhood, and our kindergarten has made it possible for your children to easily participate in French and Arabic classes in Dubai.

Photo album of Arabic activities

Photo album of French activities

Mark making activities

Mark making activities develop skills in your child and improve scientific results. Mark making activities for 3-4-year-olds can improve your child’s motor skills and increase the child’s creative problem-solving abilities. Our activities such as cutting and pasting the paper, crafting with a finger, and narrating the drawings help your children to be more creative

Photo album of Fine motor skill and mark making


In recent years, Yoga class for kids is well known to everyone and has been used for people with different conditions. Yoga in nursery has brought positive results for them. But have you ever considered encouraging your child to play yoga for preschoolers?

If you are looking for yoga for preschoolers. We have a Yoga class for kids in our yoga class in nursery in Dubai.

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Photo album about physical development

Story telling

Storytelling for nursery class is a creative expression of the imagination that requires words and interactions by creating variety in tone to create exciting and interesting stories for nursery class. In the following, you will get acquainted with storytelling for pre-nursery in our British nursery in Dubai. You will also learn about the benefits of storytelling for your children.

Little chefs

Your beloved children can cook in our nursery in Dubai. You no longer have to mess up your kitchen or teach your child to cook. Leave these Little chefs to us. Cooking nursery activities promote mental development and creativity and increase children’s sensory and motor abilities. Children between the ages of 5 and 10 are very interested in cooking

Dance and movement

Music and movement activities for infants and toddlers mean using the body to express thoughts, react (positively) to music, and express emotions. We use Dance and movement for kids in Dubai. In our nursery in Jumeirah, we encourage your children to do different body movements in front of different pieces of music

Ballet Class Photos

Little mathematicians

Children feel maths in the nursery when they understand numbers very well. Your Little mathematicians in the nursery gain an understanding of numbers, for example, they understand what “three” really means and whether they represent a trio with the number “3” or the word “three” or a set with three objects.

Art and craft

Art and craft can develop skills such as creativity, decision making and critical thinking in the child.  As the best nursery in Dubai, we emphasise the importance of teaching craft activities for preschoolers to your children and include art classes in their curriculum. Our classes have considerable variety. From drawing and painting training to creating with natural resources.


Phonics activities in the nursery are very important in teaching English. Our British nursery in Dubai uses the most important tools to teach your children to learn correct pronunciations, especially for new words in British. At first glance Phonics activities in the nursery seem very simple but the child should be familiar with the variety of letters and sounds



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