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Happy Mother’s Day

For UAE Mother’s Day, our little Dreamers had prepared something incredibly special to celebrate all of our amazing, hardworking and loving mothers. At our lovely home away from home nursery, the children had made some Mother’s Day crafts that they worked hard on and a sweet Mother’s Day card for mummy to keep at home.…


The Prestige Award for Service Excellence

Our team at The Little Dreamers Nursery are honoured to receive The Prestige Award for Service Excellence throughout the whole of the UAE.


How can Implementing Yoga and Mindfulness support your child’s development?

It is possible to practice yoga and mindfulness from any age, and with it comes a magnitude of developmental benefits.


Exploring UAE Culture with your Little One

We celebrated UAE Flag Day a couple of weeks ago, and UAE National Day is just around the corner.


Enabling Environments

A high quality nursery environment is a must for early brain development.


Behaviour Management

Is your child displaying challenging behaviour? Here are some simple strategies to make your life a little easier.


5 Tips On How To Get Your Child To Listen

Is listening something that your child struggles with? Do you find yourself in situations with your child were you feel that they are completely ignoring you?


The Many Benefits of Mud Play for Children

It’s the time to play with mud, the children revel in touching, exploring and getting dirty in the mud!


Ramadan Family Iftar

Ramadan Family Iftar at The Little Dreamers Nursery.