Kiddipath : Introducing Brain Profile !

Your Question

Who can my child potentially become in the future – will he/she be a doctor, engineer, lawyer, artist, or maybe a professional athlete?

Our Answer

Let’s allow their ‘BRAIN PROFILE’ to answer.

As adults, there might be many of us who are unhappy with the career choices we made during our academic life due to minimal career options and lack of resources on having the right career guidance. Don’t we sometimes regret that if only there was a team like ‘Kiddipath’ to mentor us, we could have mapped a dream career path?

Title 2

Today, luckily our children are at more advantage than we were at the crossroads of career choice. Having diverse career choices available together with professional career counselling services and qualified experts/coaches, your children can have proper guidance in picking the right occupation.

Since we are nothing but our BRAINS, career path counselling for kids potentially becomes more grounded when provided by a team of academic BRAIN scientists and Neuro-Education Experts using the state-of-the-art neuro-ed technologies (NET).

Title 3

It’s all about inter-individual differences in brain-based capacities which not only comprise IQ ( intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient), but CQ (cognitive quotient). The IQ+EQ+CQ profile (Brain Profile) can perhaps only be examined precisely using today’s neuroscience approaches and by neuroscience experts.

Title 4

Kids’ success in their education and training path largely depends on exploring and unleashing their unique IQ+EQ+CQ profile.


While brains are like fingerprints, individualized educational programs can lead to continuous changes in kids intellectual performance for better.


Let’s say, your child wants to follow a career in the Arts, STEM, Entrepreneurship or even an unconventional field, but is not sure what type of job opportunities exist. Career counsellors have expert knowledge about various career domains in terms of career opportunities, salary/income, professional growth, etc.

Title 5

Career counsellors will ensure that your child knows the ins and outs of a career before diving into it.

The sooner you avail the career counselling services for your children, the more time they will get to prepare themselves for their career.

Under their parents’ better understanding of their unique IQ+EQ+CQ profile, kids will be able to set their career goals with clear visibility and even take up some age-appropriate career development courses in parallel to routine studies.


Good news is Kids’ multiple intelligence profile can be explored and identified through easy-to-use, safe and kid’s-friendly neurotechnological devices. This can even be done at home, at school or nursery. Our team of applied neuroscience experts, psychologists, and educationalists are there for them and their future career path. That’s what we do at Kiddipath.

Our clients

a teacher is playing alphabet cubes in nursery

Our clients range from parents/kids, public and private education sector bodies who seek integrating the traditional career counselling with our state-of-the-art neurotechnology for neuroeducation. The Kiddipath employs its neuroscience-based brain screening and neuropsychology toolbox to unbox kids’ brain profile as well as intellectual peculiarities and talents. This aims to  provide braincheck-informed advice not only to distinguish children’s brain-friendly career path but also to serve human empowerment, brain health.

Our Team

Our interdisciplinary team comprises neuroscientists, education experts, psychologists,  brain health coaches, cognitive health advisors and academicians. They put together efforts to do timely and accurate brain-based evaluations to provide children and their parents with best possible neuroscience-based career advice.

M. Nami

Physician-Neuroscientist, Cognitivist, University Professor and Middle-East Ambassador at Harvard Alumni for Mental Health

M. R. Vaseghi

University Professor, Educationalist

E. Bazireh

Clinical Psychology Expert and Practitioner, Coach

M. Vatanparvar

Kids Education

S. Ortega

Clinical Psychology Researcher

A.R. Vaseghi

Kiddipath Chief Technologist